Is the End of Political Polarization in Sight?

What Recent Shifts in Political Attitudes Mean for the Future of Politics

Joel Benenson P’14
President Obama’s Pollster and Senior Political Strategist
Thursday, August 29, at 11:30 a.m.
Mayser Gymnasium

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The focus on changing demographics after the 2008 and 2012 Presidential elections, especially the growth in African-American and Latino vote share,  has obscured a more significant dynamic along generational lines that is reshaping American attitudes on a range of issues.  From economic to social issues, voters under age 65 and especially under age 40 are driving rapid and dynamic changes that are so pronounced they could well be forecasting a coming decline in political polarization.

Joel Benenson, Founding Partner, President and CEO of Benenson Strategy Group, has been President Obama’s chief pollster, senior strategist and a member of the debate-preparation team since the beginning of Obama’s 2008 campaign.  Having also worked on President Bill Clinton’s 1996 race, Benenson is the only Democratic pollster in history to have notched three winning presidential campaigns.  He has served as a strategic advisor and consultant to heads of state, members of Congress and other national policital leaders, Fortune 100 CEOs, and major advocacy and charitable institutions.

Benenson is known for his unique combination of communication expertise and an aggressive analytical approach, producing game-changing strategies in the most challenging situations.

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