Inklings, Serendipity and Doggedness: Research and Life

Kerry Whiteside, Clair R. McCollough Professor of Government

Kerry Whiteside, the Clair R. McCollough Professor of Government, is the 2009 recipient of the Bradley R. Dewey Award for Outstanding Scholarship, Franklin & Marshall’s highest honor for scholarship.

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There is nothing dry or monastic about research in Professor Kerry Whiteside’s experience. For him, research in political theory has meant delving into the archives of radio stations and retrieving records of French high school students in the 1930s. He has attended party congresses and interviewed philosophers. He collaborates with scholars across Europe. Prof. Whiteside will discuss the sometimes surprising joys of research as a human venture : one that begins in vague premonitions about potentially fruitful topics, that flourishes from unexpected connections, and that thrives on, well, doggedness.

Recorded March 28, 2013, in the Barshinger Center for Musical Arts.


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