America’s Health Care War (and How It Affects You)

Paul Starr, Professor of Sociology and Public Affairs, and Stuart Professor of Communications and Public Affairs, Princeton University

Recorded September 6, 2012 in Mayser Gymnasium.

Watch a 3-minute video of highlights from this event.

Paul Starr is a winner of the Pulitzer Prize for Nonfiction and the Bancroft Prize in American History for his landmark book, The Social Transformation of American Medicine. His most recent book, Remedy and Reaction: The Peculiar American Struggle Over Health Care Reform, focuses on the century-long and still unfinished public policy effort to provide universal health care coverage for all Americans.

In his Common Hour presentation, Professor Starr will update his brilliant analysis of that struggle in the aftermath of the Supreme Court’s recent ruling and amidst the election season’s heated rhetoric concerning “Obamacare.”

A White House advisor during Clinton’s failed health care reform effort, Starr brings the insight of a policy maker and the rigor of a scholar to his unparalleled exploration of America’s health care wars and the ‘policy trap’ that now bedevils any attempt to reform the nation’s health care system. His is perhaps the most authoritative and prescient voice speaking today on the near term prospects for universal health care coverage in America.

For those hoping to become better informed as they prepare to cast their ballots in November, this is a ‘must-go’ common hour.


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