Deanna Miserendino '14

The Violent World We Life in Today

In light of the events that have happened in the last week or so, I just wanted to take the time to ask everyone to pray for the families of those who have died or were injured. It doesn’t necessarily matter who you typically pray to. Just keep these families in your hearts and minds.

When I first heard about the bombings in Boston, I was really shocked. It is the city I plan to live in when I grow up, and hearing about these attacks really made me take a step back. At first I was surprised, but afterwards I was angry. How could something like this happen? Was this another sort of small scale 9/11? Or was this the act of just some random sick person? I talked to both of my parents that day and I got some very interesting insight into the world we used to live in.

Throughout the 20th century our country has suffered from a great deal of violence. Both abroad and domestic attacks plagued the American people. But what my mom noted was that there was a purpose. People were fighting FOR something. Whether it was right or wrong, good or evil, that was besides the point. The issue at hand was that there was motive for the actions that took place. But these days, like the bombings in Boston, the shooting at Sandy Hook, it seems as though people are acting out violently simply for the sake of hurting people. There is no deeper goal or purpose to fight for. That, to me, was such a sad realization. Needless to say it didn’t help improve my outlook on life.

But then I talked to my dad. And he recognized that the world is a sad and violent place. But his outtake on it was that evil will always be in the world. It always has been and it always will be. These events that have happened are just manifestations of this evil. However, there is so much more good in the world. The people who helped the injured after the bombings, the firefighters, the police officers, those who opened their homes to people, those who helped

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others find their loved ones. He told me to remember that there will always be issues in the world, but that I should remember the good will always outweigh the bad. It’s hard to do, especially when you know people who were in, or affected by some of these tragic events, but what other options do you have? Keep your head up and make sure that you’re one of the good people in the world that helps to make evil the minority.

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