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David Cobb on Corporate Personhood

David Cobb is a lawyer by profession. He was considered to be an payday unbeatable opponent and a master of his craft by his colleagues and peers. Nonetheless, he gave up practicing payday 2 wiki law and decided to follow his dream of educating the public about the legal

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The introduction began with a lesson on the origins of the great American ideals of liberty, justice and equality. They are a product of a creation myth, a blind lie that was repeated so many payday wiki times that people gradually accepted it as the truth. The talk revolved around four concepts: Democracy, Sovereignty, Legal personhood and Corporation, followed by a brief history of the origins of each concept. Moreover, the intended purposes of each concept were discussion at length, for example, democracy was derived from Greek words demos meaning people, and cracy meaning payday loans no credit check power or rule. Combined they mean, the people rule. The majority of the talk centered on the consequences of granting corporations legal personhood (the ability to assert rights). Great emphasis was placed on corporations being nothing but a tool through which private money and resources can, and should be, put to public good. According direct lender payday loan to the discipline of instant payday loans law, the concept of a ‘corporation’ is a payday legal apply now fiction (make believe entity). In conclusion, the constitutional rights of corporations must be abolished. Government officials (the authorities) need to be made aware that money does not equal free-speech; tighter lobbying restrictions does not hinder freedom of speech.

In today’s marketplace corporations are scouring to make a quick buck and pursuing profits, and often at the public’s expense. In the last decade we went through the mortgage crisis and the financial collapse of the stock market and many people lost most, if not, all of their savings, investments and retirement funds. Why should the thongs pay for the mistakes of a few elite individuals? It’s about time that corporations were held more liable for their actions. The public had no say, in some cases, no knowledge that corporations were using derivatives and financial tools payday that carried substantial trading risks.

Let us put an end to this destructive creativity. Let payday loan debt assistance us clear the fields for and ready payday 2 masks them for sustainable solutions payday lending and genuine innovation. Let us change at least one thing in our lifetime. Join ace payday loans the movement.

To learn more about David Cobb’s movement, please visit the link posted below.

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    Let us change at least one thing in our lifetime. Join the movement.