Michal Addady '15

Surviving The Winter At F&M

If you’re from someplace like California or Florida, you may find Pennsylvania winters to be pretty harsh. If you’re from someplace like Russia, you will find the winters here to be pretty mild. Either way, you’re going to see a fair amount of snow. It can be very beautiful when you’re sitting in your room looking out the window with a cup of hot cocoa to warm you up. However, the time will inevitably come for you to trek through the white chaos and, trust me, you want to be prepared. Being from Long Island, I have no clue how I made it this far in life without the proper winter essentials. But, I did. And now I’m starting to realize that these essentials really are essential. For example, somehow I do not own any boots with traction. I have yet to actually embarrass myself by falling on my face in front of a huge crowd of people, but I cannot tell you just how many times I was pretty close. A few more things that I would suggest you bring with you: a warm winter jacket (which seems obvious, but a surprising amount of people just don’t have one… including myself), warm pants (I have been known to double up on the bottoms – leggings under pants), gloves, scarves, and something to cover your ears. I am so grateful that I don’t go to a school with a huge campus.

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Walking a few minutes to class is more than I can handle, I can’t even imagine walking any longer than that when it’s frigid outside.

Just so you know, the winters here aren’t all that bad. It can be a lot of fun to relive your childhood and play in the snow. It’s not unusual to see people building snowmen or pelting each other with snowballs. If that immersion within the cold and wet snowfall is not something you’re into, there are plenty of indoor activities you can partake in as well. I mean, what is better on a cold day than a warm drink and a movie while cuddling with your friends? Also, the snow is really pretty.

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