Deanna Miserendino '14

I Ask For More Quizzes

One of the classes I’m taking this semester is intermediate Ancient Greek. We happen to be translating Euripides’ Medea, which is fantastic. I have the same professor as last semester, and most of the class is the same as well. Last semester we were quizzed every week on the translations that we had completed and the grammatical forms and functions of specific words in the passage. Then for the exams we would be tested on all the same things, but in a greater magnitude. There was a portion of the final last year that we had not yet been quizzed on, and because of that it was the hardest part of the final. The quizzes that we had throughout the semester forced us to pay extra attention to certain components of our homework, and to memorize a good portion of the things we needed for the exam. So when exam time finally rolled around, we only had to review what we had already learned. This semester we have not yet had a quiz and it’s already been a week and a half. So at the end of the class the professor asks how we’re doing and the majority of the class asked if we could have a quiz on Friday. I think the professor was a bit surprised at the request, but he was obviously more than willing to oblige us. I know a great number of people wouldn’t be happy about having additional tests and quizzes, but I promise you it’s a good thing. A friend of mine has a class where 50% of her grade is the final paper, 25% is a presentation and 25% is participation. If she does average on that one paper, or that one presentation, her grade for the class is already set. There is no way she can “catch up” or make up for a bad grade. So in my classes when a professor asks us how we’re doing, or if there is anything

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we would like to add to the syllabus, ask for more testing opportunities. Worst case scenario you do bad on one, but you can make up for it with the others that you’ll take. It gives you a chance for a second chance.

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