Deanna Miserendino '14

Piano Lessons

One of the extracurriculars I’ve been involved with throughout the majority of my college career is piano lessons, and I thought I could take the time to talk about them for all those students who are hoping to take part in the musical community here at Franklin and Marshall. There area ton of opportunities here ranging from orchestras conducted by professors to student-run a cappella groups. Lessons for voice and instruments are also available, both non credit, and credit. Those that are for credit are auditions only, and if you make it you get to work with Professor Keller, one of the most amazing teachers I have had the pleasure of working with. For each semester you are required to learn a performance piece in addition to either a duet or a smaller piece. At the end of every semester you perform for the rest of the students in the class, the music department, and anyone else who wants to come and listen to a concert. During the regular weeks of the semester, you have one lesson a week in addition to a master class in which you play what you’ve been working on to the rest of the people in your class. I’ve never had this kind of musical training, and I find it to not only be challenging, but also

an enjoyable break from all of the academic work. If you have had a good amount of training then I would highly recommend auditioning for Professor Keller’s class, it will be a learning experience you will not forget.

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