Deanna Miserendino '14

Dining Service Survey

In the last few weeks, the students all over the campus received an email with a link in the bottom connecting them to a dining services survey. One of the ways that the college makes sure that its students are happy is by sending out these surveys. I would highly recommend taking them because they directly give the people in charge your input on a particular characteristic of the college that you may want to change! I remember in my freshman year and sophomore year taking the surveys and not thinking that they would do anything to the dining options on campus, but since I’ve been here almost all of the venues for eating have changed! I have a feeling it has to do with the surveys and other ways students have voiced their opinions. For examples, Zebi’s the cafe next to Stager was originally called Jazzman’s when I first came to college. The food that it served has changed a great deal as well – they did not have freshly made salads or soups or sandwiches for lunch time, it was more like a Starbucks and had a variety of muffins and scones with different drinks. In addition to that, Salsa Rica was originally Pandini’s, and they didn’t have

any of the nachos or burritos that they have now. Instead that whole Mexican style food station was just chicken nuggets and salads. There is proof of the administration taking an interest in what students want on campus, so make a difference, and voice your opinion!

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