Danielle Weiner '13

Upcoming Common Hour: Sex Trafficking

After hearing about the upcoming Common Hour, “America’s Dark Secret: Sex Trafficking,” I coincidentally was given the opportunity to watch the documentary related to this topic in one of my classes.

In the documentary “Sex and Money: A Global Search for Human Worth,” a group of photojournalists journey across the United States in an effort to further their understanding of the realities of sex trafficking. As I watched this documentary, I was shocked to see the harsh reality of this somewhat unheard of, yet devastating crime. Before watching this film in class, I genuinely did not realize the magnitude of the sale of human beings into prostitution, especially within the United States. I think that many of us can agree that we have never even considered sex trafficking to be of such concern within the United States. However, statistics prove that the sexual exploitation of children has quickly become our nation’s fastest growing form of organized crime. That being said, how have we not addressed this issue on a national level with more concern? The documentary’s goal was very clear, as their mission is to raise awareness and bring freedom to those who are still enslaved.

After watching this documentary I found out that the executive producer, Morgan Perry, was scheduled to speak

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at the upcoming Common Hour this Thursday, Nov. 29, from 11:35 a.m. to 12:35 p.m. in Mayser Gymnasium at F&M. Perry will be one of the three experts who will be part of a panel discussion. The other two speakers will include Pamela Pillsbury, co-director of the Pennsylvania Regional Center for Public Safety Innovation, and Bethany Woodcock, the founder of the Lancaster Non-Profit Organization NIMBY (Not In My Back Yard) and co-chair of the Campaign Against Sexual Exploitation of Children (CASE). The panelists will address various aspects of sex trafficking, including who is involved, where the crimes occur and how communities can assist in combating their proliferation on a local and national level.

I had the opportunity to speak with student organizer, Arissa Brown, who explained that bringing more information about the magnitude of this crime was of significance to her after viewing the documentary. It makes sense that Brown pushed for executive producer Perry to come, as the documentary is really such a moving experience.

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