Deanna Miserendino '14

Sociology Survey

Throughout the middle of the semester, the upper level sociology students were doing research projects about life at Franklin and Marshall. To gather their data, and make sure that it represented the population well, they had these surveys that they would hand out to groups of randomly chosen students. I was one of the selected students (its voluntary of course) and I took the survey in the college center at my convenience. The document itself was around ten to fifteen pages of questions concerning extracurriculars, academics, the social scene, the party scene, or relationships (of the romantic sort) on campus. You were not required to answer anything that made you uncomfortable, but the tests were totally anonymous so your privacy was not invaded. I thought the experience was really interesting. A lot of the questions they had asked, I had never even considered before in my own life, so it really made me think. In addition to that I really liked the idea that there were groups of students all over the campus that were willing to give their input for the success of another student’s work. It was one of the few times on campus where I have felt a sort of community at

work. If you have the opportunity to take one of these surveys, I would recommend it. You would be helping out a fellow student (we all know that we could use some help about now in the semester) and you may just read something that will inspire you to think about something in a new light.

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