Michal Addady '15

Shamrock the Stage

Shamrock the Stage is an annual event held by Kappa Delta sorority. It is a talent show accepting of anyone who either does have a talent or thinks they have a talent. I went last year as a freshman and thought it was amazing. Some of the groups were extremely talented and others were extremely comedic, making for an all around great time. This year was pretty much the same, except I actually performed on stage. I pushed through my stage fright to aid a few of my friends in a cup routine to the song Home by Phillip Phillips, similar to the routine done by Erato to Call Your Girlfriend. We had practiced for quite some time, and the routine went wonderfully during rehearsal. Unfortunately, my nerves got to me on stage. I was supposed to lead the group into the song with the first cup-flip, which I messed up, and which of

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course was caught on video. Although we started off on a weak note, we finished off strong. Despite my anxiety, it was actually a lot of fun. Then we got the chance to sit down in the audience, out of the spotlight, and watch the other acts perform. Some notable ones performances were by the Rumspringas (the improvisational comedy group) and an unnamed band. My favorite, though, by far, was the step group that closed out the show. Whether you attend the event as a performer or a spectator, it is an enjoyable event and well worth attending. On a different note, this song has been stuck in my head for days, so please enjoy:


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