Deanna Miserendino '14

Squash Aces

This last weekend I attended a Squash A.C.E.S. program held by our very own squash team. Squash A.C.E.S. is a program that is designed to develop kids who aren’t in the best of opportunities, some of them come from financially burdened backgrounds or from broken homes. Squash is taught to them by the team we have here to try to give the kids a chance to connect with college aged role models, and the game teaches them how to focus and work to achieve their goals. The aim of the program is to get kids into college and help them better understand the opportunities they can have in their future. I was excited to attend the event to show my support but also because the current squash coach Coach

Jones and our former coach Coach White played an exhibition game for those who came. Both of them were professional squash players on the circuit, and gave an excellent performance. It was truly a great experience, even for someone like me who has never participated in athletics at this school.

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